Why us?!

You may ask a question – why would I use your services if I can claim for my rights myself?

The point is that obtaining compensation from the airlines is not always as easy as it may seem from first glance. Even though all airlines have an individual claim submission form on their web-page, they often ignore individual complaints, artificially lapse the time, offer different benefits to the passengers which are significantly lower than the amount of compensation granted by the legislation, use “convincing” but irrelevant arguments or use any other method to push the passenger forget about the compensation which is due.

Airlines often try to avoid their liability hoping that passengers will not be able to go through the long and complex legal procedures or to take the case to Court.

When passengers are represented by Companies, airlines realize that they cannot avoid responsibility so easily. Our company is ready to complete all necessary steps and procedures, handle all legal paperwork and if required, take the case to court. If that is the case, apart from the compensation which is due, airlines will have to pay for the court and attorney costs. This is the reason why airlines are forced to perform their liabilities imposed by legislation and pay compensation to the passenger without lengthy and expensive court procedures.

Complex knowledge

Passenger rights are regulated by a number of international and national legal instruments. In order to enforce the passenger rights successfully, one needs to possess the complex knowledge of all these applicable legal instruments and skills to apply them in real life. Apart from the regulations, there are various landmark court judgments and precedents which provide an additional interpretation of the rules and establish standards.

These regulations and standards are constantly updated, changed and it requires day-to-day research to keep posted. To enforce passenger rights, one needs to have a detailed knowledge of all these ever-changing regulations and standards, which can be hardly ever done by the individual passenger.

Sky Lawyer comprises of qualified lawyers and aviation experts with deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge of all relevant international and national regulations, as well as court precedents and all other nuances. Therefore, we can protect your rights much better.


Enforcing passenger rights as against the airlines is related to certain time-consuming legal procedures. It will take you not more than 3 minutes to complete the claim form or tell us about your problem by sending the letter to claim@skylawyer.eu. We will study your case, handle the communication with the airlines and protect your rights using our expert knowledge.


 There are cases when passengers are unjustly denied their due compensations by the airlines and passengers may need to take the case to court or apply for other legal proceedings. These proceedings are costly and most of the times they cost much more than the amount of compensation owed to the passenger.  If you use our services, the company offers you to take up these costs and finance the litigation, as well as any other legal proceeding to protect the passenger rights.