Passenger rights

Air passenger rights are protected by the national legislation of various countries. Apart from that, there are variety of international legal instruments guarantying the passenger rights, such as the #261 regulation of the European Parliament and the Council establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights adopted on February 11 2004 and the Montreal convention of 1999 by ICAO.

EU #261 regulation is one of the most effective and frequently used legal instruments against airlines. The regulation aims to protect the air passenger rights in cases when the flight was delayed, canceled or the passenger was denied boarding. The regulation established the pre-conditions under which the airlines are obligated to pay the compensation to the passengers.

The regulation applies to:

  •      Flights departing from the airports located at EU member states;
  •            Flights operated by EU airline companies departing from Non-EU airports and arriving at EU airports.

The EU regulation applies to all passengers of the above-mentioned flights, irrespective of their citizenship.

Besides the #261 regulation, there is a number of landmark judgments of the European Court of Justice which provide further interpretation of the regulation and establish standards.

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