Price list

1. Free Services 

Sky Lawyer will investigate your case and let you know if you might be entitled to flight compensation for free. Sky Lawyer will not charge any fee if our work is not successful and we do not obtain the flight compensation for you.

2. Success Fee 

The success fee means that the customer pays for the services only if the services are successful. Only in case if due to Sky Lawyer services the passenger gets paid the flight compensation, we will retain the commission fee in the amount of 25% (including all applicable taxes) of the compensation obtained from the Airline. 

3. Court proceedings

In certain cases when the airline unlawfully rejects the passenger the compensation or otherwise tries to avoid the payment, Sky Lawyer may decide to initiate the legal proceedings in the relevant courts in order to make sure the airline complies with the law. In this case, the success fee will be increased to 50% of the compensation amount, in order to cover the extra costs related to court proceedings (court fee, translation and notary costs, etc).

4. Corporate clients and partnerships 

If you use Sky Lawyer services in frameworks of a corporate partnership agreement, you might be entitled to reduced success fees (including the cases of the court proceedings). The amount of success fee will be individually agreed with the corporate client. 

If you wish to enjoy services under corporate partnership terms, please indicate the name of the partner company/organization while filling the online application or while communicating with Sky Lawyer representative.