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Sky Lawyer will assist your employees/customers in obtaining their due compensation if airline screwed up their travel plans. We will help you turn your negative flight experience into monetary compensation.

If your employees/customers travel a lot, they might face flight disruptions such as flight delay, flight cancellation, damaged or lost baggage, etc. In all such situations, you can always rely on Sky Lawyer's help. 


Your customer/employee submits the application

Your customer/employee submits the online application on Sky Lawyer web-page, tells us about his/her flight disruption case (flight delay, flight cancellation, denied boarding, lost/damaged baggage, etc) and indicates the name of a partner organization

Sky Lawyer expert staff works on your case

Sky Lawyer prepares all legal paperwork and handles all formalities, negotiates with the airline on your customer's/employee's behalf. We take all steps to ensure that your customer/employee obtains the due compensation for the flight disruption

Your employee/customer gets compensation

Your customer/employee receives flight compensation from the airline and the special terms of our service. Your employee/customer does not have to pay anything if we do not obtain flight compensation. As a result, all parties are happy and satisfied

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