Corona virus – Are you entitled to flight compensation?

Coronavirus – Are you entitled to flight compensation?

Based on various official data, more than 2000 people died due to coronavirus, while the number of affected is more than 75 000. More than 1000 cases of virus infection were detected apart from China. According to the official data from Chinese authorities that 80% of coronavirus cases are mild.

Taking into account the speed and scale of the virus, several airlines have taken extraordinary safety measures and temporarily canceled all of their flights to and from China.

This is the list of the part of the airlines who canceled all their flights to China:

  • British Airways – starting from January 29  until March 31; 
  • Lion Air – Throughout February;
  • Air Seoul – Starting from January 28 with no end date;
  • United Airlines – starting from February 5 until April 23;
  • Kenya Airways -  starting from February 6 until mid-March. 

Flights were canceled due to two reasons:

  1. The sharp decline in the number of passengers
  2. Airline’s decision to protect their crew and air passengers from coronavirus.

Am I entitled to flight compensation if my flight was canceled due to Coronavirus?

The spread of coronavirus falls under the category of “extraordinary circumstances” which serves as the reason for flight cancellation. Therefore, Airlines are not obligated to pay compensation for disrupted flights. Nevertheless, several airlines offered their passengers to refund ticket prices on flights to China.

Flight disruption and compensation rights

As mentioned above, coronavirus is considered as an “extraordinary circumstance” which discharged the airlines from the liability to pay the compensation.

However, there are many other cases when passengers are entitled to flight compensation, see more on this below: 

1. Flight delay of more than 3 hours entitles the passenger to request compensation from 250 to 600 EUR. (read more at

2. If the flight was canceled and the airline did not inform the passenger at least 14 days in advance. (read more at

3. Denied boarding (

If your flight was disrupted by the fault of the airline, we at Sky Lawyer are ready to assist you.