Flight delay by 3 hours or more - an important decision of the Georgian court

Tbilisi City Court made an important decision and established the passenger's right to request compensation in case of a flight delay of 3 hours or more

თბილისის სააპელაციო სასამართლოს პრეცედენტული განჩინება

Skylawyer-ის ხანგრძლივი ბრძოლის შედეგად, თბილისის სააპელაციო სასამართლოს სამოქალაქო საქმეთა პალატამ მნიშვნელოვანი განჩინება მიიღო

Significant updates to air passenger rights regulations

Georgia has taken steps and adopted special rules to support the struggling aviation industry

Covid 19 and air-passengers' rights

Along with the rapid spread of new Covid 19, thousands of flights are canceled or otherwise disrupted. What is the impact of the current situation on the air-passengers' rights? We tried to accommodate all relevant advice and information as well as the answers to frequently asked questions for our customers in the blog below

Corona virus – Are you entitled to flight compensation?

Based on various official data, more than 2000 people died due to coronavirus - Are you entitled to flight compensation?

Boarding pass as a precondition for delayed flight compensation?

Can airlines request the passenger to submit a copy of the boarding pass to pay delayed flight compensation? Read more about recent CJEU Judgment here.

Backpack Vs. Suitcase

We will break down different considerations that you will want to take into mind when you choose what to pack for your flight

How to survive a long flight?

Long flights: Do you love them or hate them? They’re a necessity to get to the most far-flung destinations on the planet and some people love them, while others loathe them. But long flights don’t have to be something to be dreaded – they can actually be enjoyed if you plan ahead and arm yourself with things that will help to pass the time and help you sleep.

Why are certain flight tickets so cheap?

Think you have the cheapest airline ticket? Maybe you do, but maybe the guy sitting next to you paid less. Once you gain a full understanding of airline ticket prices, it’s a lot easier to find the best deals. This piece of reading will help you understand how you can save money

11 Things you should never do on an airplane

Thanks to low-cost airlines, plane travel is commonplace. While there are certain essential safety rules you need to know, there are also some more practical guidelines you should bear in mind, too. Here are 11 things you should never do on an airplane

9 Interesting facts about aviation that you didn't know

No one would deny the importance of aviation in today’s fast-moving world. The question is how much do we really know about aviation? Ever wondered of how many parts the aircraft is made of? Or what do pilots eat? There are countless facts about aviation which may surprise you

10 Reasons why traveling is important for you

Traveling is about seeing new places and giving a bit back at the same time., but underneath it is so much more, opening your horizons to experience completely different cultures, cuisines and landscapes

Airline staff strike - are you entitled to compensation?

Normally, if the flight disruption was caused by "extraordinary circumstances" beyond the airline's control, the passenger is not eligible for compensation. Does the airline staff strike qualify for "extraordinary circumstance"?

How do I fill out the application on Sky Lawyer web-page?

It is super easy and fast to fill out the online application on our web-page and send us the Power of Attorney. It will take no more than 1 minute and 15 seconds of your time. Remember, it is free. See the video for more information

Do airlines lie while refusing passengers to pay compensation?

Do airlines really lie about the reasons for flight delay or cancelation? Do Airlines really unjustly refuse their passengers to pay their due compensation? Read more as we share our experience

What to do if your luggage is lost or damaged?

Each year, millions of travelers use air transport services. Very often, the luggage is either lost or damaged by the Airline. It can happen to everyone. We share our tips on what to do if Airlines lose or damage your luggage

ბილბაო - ბასკეთის გული

ბასკების წარმომავლობას და ბასკური ენის სხვადასხვა ენებთან კავშირს დიდი ხანია მეცნიერები იკვლევენ. იმასაც ამბობენ, რომ ბასკები და ქართველები ნათესავი ერები ვართ. ეს იდეა ჯერ კიდევ საბჭოთა კავშირში გაჩნდა

How far back can I claim the compensation for disrupted flight?

Can I request compensation for my past flights? How far back can I go and request the compensation for disrupted flight? Read below our answers about the important case-law and time limitations of claims under EU regulation #261. Look back to your past flights, you may still be entitled to compensation

ლოდინში ნაშოვნი €-ები

როცა 20 წლის ასაკში მოულოდნელად აღმოვჩნდი თბილისიდან -ნიუ-იორკში, ანუ ქალაქიდან, სადაც საუზმის კულტურა გვიან გაღვიძების გამო არ არსებობს - ქალაქში, სადაც შეხვედრას შემდეგი კვირის ხუთშაბათს,16:55-საათიდან 17:25-საათამდე გინიშნავენ, მივხვდი, რომ იქ ადამიანები დროს ძალიან უფრთხილდებოდნენ