About Company

There are tens of thousands of flights canceled or delayed each month in the world. There are even more cases when the passenger rights are violated by the airlines in some other way.

Unfortunately, not all passengers are aware of their rights guaranteed and protected by different legal instruments. Those passengers who are aware of such rights and mechanisms, often do not succeed in enforcing their rights because airline companies use various legal tricks and barriers to avoid liability.

Quite often airline companies try to ignore the individual complaints of the passengers, artificially lapse the time, offer different benefits to the passengers which are significantly lower than the compensation granted by the legislation, use “convincing” but irrelevant arguments or use any other method to push the passenger forget about the compensation which is due.

This is not a fair fight as airlines have a much broader knowledge and resources as opposed to an individual passenger. Our aim is to bring the balance in this fight and protect the passenger rights and interests against the airlines.

Sky Lawyer is a Georgia based Company, consisting of qualified lawyers and offering legal services to passengers in a legal battle with the airlines. In case if:

  • Your flight was delayed by 3 hours or more;
  • Your flight was canceled;
  • You were denied boarding;
  • The airline has lost your luggage;
  • You have experienced any other problem with your flight.

Sky Lawyer will assist you to complete all necessary legal paperwork, negotiate with the airlines, go through all required legal proceedings and if required, take the case to the Aviation Agency or Courts.

If you think your rights were violated during the flight, please complete the electronic application or write us to claim@skylawyer.eu. Our team will study your case for free and help you enforce your rights.

Company details:

  • Registered legal name: LLC "Sky Lawyer";
  • Registration ID: 400243081;
  • Registration date: 24/07/2018.

Bank account details:

  • Beneficiary's bank: JSC „TBC Bank“;
  • Bank code: TBCBGE22;
  • Beneficiary's IBAN: GE64TB7578145067800007;
  • Beneficiary's name: SKYLAWYER LLC.